The last few weeks I have had the honor of working with the current participants in the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System. The results have been so impressive that it literally make me want to do a happy dance every time I am talking with one of the participants. In just ONE week their bloating and gas has improved by 98%, energy is significantly improved, brain fog is waaaaay down, waists slimmer and one woman stated, “I feel like someone finally turned on the lights and all the colors got brighter.”  Clearly, her brain fog is decreasing.   After taking
I’ve spent a lot of time the past year and half in medical clinics where there are serious illnesses from cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s. What all of these conditions have in common is the single (ever increasing) issue of “inflammation”. In leiu of this, I have become even more obsessed with the ONE physical sign on (and in) your body that inflammation is brewing. I have studied inflammation for years having had Lyme Disease. Harnessing inflammation was key to harnessing the disease and it was pivotal in my recovery. When I learned about my father’s cancer last
SNEEZING.  SNIFFLING. RED PUFFY EYES.  RUNNY NOSE.  FOGGY HEAD.  This was me for a few weeks recently.  I had never had seasonal allergies like this before.  I had just moved into a new area and BAM!  I was witnessing the internal response to the pine pollen that was misting through the air all around me. Seasonal allergies occur when the the body works to fight off airborne invaders by putting up defenses in the respiratory tract, specifically the nose. In some folks, their bodies (like mine all of a sudden!)  interpret pollen as a threat, and so develop antibodies against
Have you danced with the flu yet this year?  Along with the damp chill sweeping in, so are a horde of cold and flu strains.  It’s high time to support and boost your immune system by following a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nourishment, regular exercise, quality sleep, healthy stress management, and targeted nutrients and herbs. I just did my own little tango with a the "onset" of flulike symptoms over the last 2 days.  I admit, I have not been doing my due diligence of "flu prevention".  I was committed to nip it in the bud, because right now
Has the last year been a blur for you like it has for me?  I used to roll my eyes at adults when I was younger as they would tell me how fast time goes as you get older.  Now I can honestly say they were so spot on RIGHT!  Where DOES time go?? I was just lying on the floor stretching and meditating as I began pondering what this last year has been for me.  A blur, YES . But also deeply thematic.  It was a time when all my self prescribed “plans” were dictated in a new direction. 
Youza!  I am literally in shock and awe that Christmas is next week and we are winding our way down to 2013. This is a unique time packed with gatherings and celebrations. "Tis the season to be jolly" so the saying goes. However, often times we take that phrase to heart indulging in every holiday gathering and party we go to, with the justification that, "Well, it's the holidays, I'm supposed to be indulging!" Unfortunately, before you know it, you have packed on the pounds, feel bloated, fat, cranky...and far from "jolly"! So, to navigate this tricky season of yummy
Are you as surprised as I am that the Thanksgiving is already here? Are you in even more dismay that the holiday sounding bell rings tomorrow and we are on the down hill slide to the New year? Seems like just a few weeks ago here in the West, things were nice and warm. However, the weather turned on a dime and it was suddenly Autumn. As of Thanksgiving (tomorrow!) the green light is on for the season of Holiday celebrations. This is a typical time when “Holiday Muffin Tops” get there start and by New Year people are regretting
As our indian summer extends into the edge of autumn so does the prevalence of West Nile Virus   carrying mosquitoes.  Since August, many areas across the country have taken action by land and aerial pesticide applications to prevent this activity and breeding of these mosquitoes. They have been using  Allethrins which are a pair of related synthetic compounds used in insecticides. They are synthetic Pyrethroids, a synthetic form of a chemical found in the chrysanthemum flower.  However, don’t let the fact it is derived form a “flower” blindside you into thinking Pyrethroids aren’t toxic to animals and humans.  The fact
Would you ever imagine that you are unknowingly  consuming incremental amounts of Arsenic a day?  Personally, when I think of Arsenic I think of the fiction (and non-fiction) stories of how rat poison has been deviously slipped into an unsuspecting victim’s beverage or food resulting then in a mysterious death.  It is usually cast as a shadowy scene of the culprit lurking in the background as the victim unknowingly consumes a substance that will be their final demise. Jump to reality:  The issue of Arsenic is front and center in the media.  The curtain is being pulled back on just HOW
To be honest, "angry" is an understatement. It downright ticks me off.  Not because of some people's lack of awareness around this issue.   More from the large corporate or influential entities that fuel the ignorance.  In my field I hear an initial resistance to organics often.  I have heard many people say, “Oh, it’s just a marketing ploy to charge more, there really isn’t any difference - it’s just wasted dollars - it’s too expensive and GMO is just the next fad – it’s not going to hurt me”. These are real conversation that I am involved in frequently in