Sarah here. I have something new and exciting to share with you.  I've just launched a new website for Get Nourished!  It has a new look and focus PLUS a slight name change from to I also really want to let you know why I've been so M.I.A. since the latter part of last year. It is a priority to me to provide you with cutting edge nutrition resources through the Get Nourished Community & Newsletter. However, my life took a significant shift as something else took front and center priority in my life. Ever have had the sh&!
Is this you? Do you have a belly that exceeds your hips? Are you still hungry or crave sweets after your meals? Do you feel groggy and foggy after your meals? Do you have high LDL Cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high Triglycerides. If this does sound like you, you are not alone.  Atleast 70-80 million people in the US alone have Insulin Resistance.  The good news is – you can prevent it and reverse it naturally with diet, lifestyle and nutritional interventions. What is Insulin Resistance? Insulin Resistance (also known as Pre-Diabetes) is when our body
Ever drank out of a plastic water bottle? Ever heated your food in a plastic container? It is not breaking news that plastic has become an environmental hazard.  Plastics are filling our oceans, rivers, backing up landfill areas and contaminating wildlife. It is no secret that plastics have become ever present in modern times.  It is more than obvious that plastics pose a monumental threat to our environment from land, air to sea.  Not to get even more depressing, but to be honest they are also impacting YOU! However, this is not your fault.  We were not warned when the
Looking for the fountain of youth? Control this hormone and prevent premature aging and chronic disease. Ever wonder what makes your body age?  Or what makes your body create disease?  Well, once again science has pointed at the same implicating factor of aging. This most resent research follows the discovery of three different genes which all significantly increase the chances of living past 100.   These genes indicate the implicating factor of aging is the sensitivity of our cells to "insulin". The human body and brain require a steady amount of glucose throughout the day.  Glucose comes from the foods we
You don't have to fall prey to the sugar blues this Halloween. Check out this quick blog for a few tips. It’s that time of year again.  The official launch of the holiday sugar craze season begins with Halloween.  It’s a tricky time because we think it only comes around once a year.  However the trickiness of sugar intake gets sticky because often times it can lead to a cascade of "sweet treats" consumption.  If you are like me you may find yourself making excuses to consume tempting forms of sugars and “treats” convincing yourself, “Oh, it’s Halloween, just one
Do you wake up exhausted feeling like you ran a marathon overnight in your sleep?  Even your morning caffeine doesn't quite clear the fog of fatigue?  Do you have a constant ache in your muscles that comes and goes with no rhyme or reason?  Are you tired of feeling like no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise you still feel puffy and pudgy with that stubborn extra weight around your belly.  Ugh! At this point, it all just feels like an uphill battle and it all feels out of your control because no matter what you
As our hearts go out to the victims of the recent catastrophic events in Japan, back here at home we are experiencing the world is smaller than we realize.  With the Nuclear Power Plant reactors releasing controversial amounts of radioactive material, that could reach the Western US, we are discovering we are not so far from our neighbors thousand of miles across the pacific. Along with this concern, has also come an enormous amount of fear about how to protect ourselves from potential radiation exposure. People are calling me telling me to take potassium iodide, NOW.  Load up!  Load up! 
Sound a little far fetched?  Well, in actuality it is not.  Excess weight around the belly is not a vanity issue or just about aesthetics anymore.  In fact, it is a major warning sign of serious health issues brewing behind the scenes in someone’s body.  When I first meet people, I admit it, I can’t help it, but I look at their belly.  I don't stare, I just take a quick glance to see if their belly exceeds their waistline.  Why?  Because it is one of the most simple health predictors going.  In fact, recent science indicates that excess belly
There may be more to your symptoms of being tired, achy and stressed than you realize. Do you wake-up unrested, struggling to get out of bed? Inability to fall asleep? Unexplained Blood Sugar Symptoms? Do you have chronic aches, pains and headaches? Do you feel an inability to handle stress? Do you go through the day with sluggish energy? You May be suffering from high body voltage where you sleep.  Sound far fetched?  Well, it is not! We are electrical beings.  Even though we often forget and neglect that we are, our bodies are in great need of being connected
The pursuit of healthy sweets for my Valentine leads me to a very discouraging discovery of yet another healthy fad gone BAD!!! The revered Agave Syrup is really just High Fructose Cactus Syrup. While thinking about sweets for my sweetie this Valentines Day I began looking at what kind of sweetener I was going to use in my straight from the heart, homemade, yummy chocolate treats.    I want the best for my sweetie.  He loves chocolate but there will be NO "refined" sugar or "natural and raw" sugar for this man.  "Refined" and yes, "natural and raw"  sugar are toxic