Autumn is a particularly important time to consume “seasonal and local nutrients”. It is the time of year when our bodies begin to slow down and build up immunity for the oncoming winter. Foods symbolic of autumn help us build immunity, strength and gently detoxify. Additionally, these foods are high in specific nutrients such as Vitamin C and Beta-carotene that not only support immunity but also enhance the health of our skin and hair and prevent premature aging and wrinkles. It is perfect time for these fortifying AND beautifying nutrients after a summer of longer hours of sun exposure and
As a nutritionist, I observe a lot of different habits, patterns, and beliefs around food. One that is particularly fascinating to me right now is the issue of gluten. It is unarguably one of the greatest inflammatory triggers in our food supply today. Research says so, not just me! In lieu of that, awareness around gluten sensitivity is also getting much more common which is a good thing. Truth be told, most folks ARE gluten sensitive. What does this mean? Well, it means that the gluten protein inflames them in some way shape or form that they may OR may
  Heart Health month may be over, but don’t stop paying close attention to the care of your ticker.  Strokes and heart disease are epidemic in the U.S and monitoring your heart health should always remain a high priority. There are steps you can take right now to not only prevent but reverse heart disease with a heart-healthy lifestyle. So why is it so important to be pro-active when it comes to your heart health? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart
Your heart begins beating four weeks after conception.  It carries you through a lifetime and beats about 100,000 times in one day.   It has a lot of work to do and all systems to and from this magnificent organ need to be running smoothly to keep you in tip top shape. In spirit of February being Heart Health Month I have been thinking a lot about the root cause of heart and cardiovascular problems. In doing so (as always) I am drawn to look outside the box of the common causes that we are aware of on the surface. "Don’t
Sound a little far fetched? Well, in actuality it is not. Excess weight around the belly is not a vanity issue or just about aesthetics anymore. In fact, it is a major warning sign of serious health issues brewing behind the scenes in someone’s body. When I first meet people, I admit it, I can’t help it, but I look at their belly. I don’t stare, I just take a quick glance to see if their belly exceeds their waistline. Why? Because it is one of the most simple health predictors going. In fact, recent science indicates that excess belly
Tis the season for sniffles. Have they snuck up on you? This is the time for the perennial runny nose, red eyes, sneezing and sniffles. Pollens abound and so do seasonal allergies right now. In some folks, their bodies interpret pollen as a threat, and so they develop antibodies against the pollen in the nose. The pollen is just trying to make baby trees, it’s really not trying to hurt you. Seasonal allergies occur when the the body works to fight off airborne invaders by putting up defenses in the respiratory tract, specifically the nose. Unfortunately, what happens is the histamine
Americans are expected to spend 1.72 billion dollars on air fresheners this year. People are purchasing these products in an effort to disguise unpleasant odors but the biggest disguise lies in their ingredients, which don’t have to be listed. That’s right. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s unregulated, meaning there are no rules or restrictions in place – NONE. What are Common Air Fresheners? • Glade PlugIns • Febreze • Scented Candles • Car Fresheners So what else are these products masking besides a foul odor? Mainly, a number of health risks which include but are certainly not limited to
If you’ve ever worked with me you know I like to cut through the crud and clear the toxins in your everyday life so you can revitalize physically and energetically. From what I’ve gathered through my years, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for most people. It is one of the few days in our culture we actually allow ourselves to sit back, relax, eat, drink, commune and enjoy...and most of all reflect on what we are grateful for. In this country we have a lot of luxuries we don’t even realize. There is an unfortunate underlining though with mass availability
This is for you, who ever is reading this:  A message from the heart. It is true there are different levels of grief. I see it in myself as I move through the stages distinctly one by one and sometimes a swirl of them all at once. For the last few weeks I have felt such a deep immobilizing sadness for the loss of my father. He passed away peacefully a few weeks ago, taking his final breaths with his head in my arms, and holding my sister's hand. As many of you know who have been following me, he
I recently had the great pleasure of guiding a fantastic group of folks through my Jump Start Your Stomach Health System.  Each time I do this program with clients, the results and the changes in their lives always amaze me. Each time! Not only that but it makes me even more in awe of the great impact our gut health has on our ENTIRE health and life. You see, this program is all about addressing the inflammation and imbalance in the small intestine and digestive system.  This area is an origin of inflammation in your body. When you address it, it will