A simple trip to get my mail proved to be a simple reminder! Trecking out of the post office today I looked up to the FINALLY blue sky.  A patchwork of puffy white grayish clouds and a soft blue sky hanging like a silken canvas.  I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply as though on the edge of the shore, thinking how nice it was to smell this fresh clean post storm air. Then to my surprise - I suddenly thought I was choking - nose burning - stomach turning.  The smell of gas burning around me. Good God I
Mother nature has the final word in this much debated controversial issue of cell phone use and human safety. Do you use a cell phone?  Do your children? Do your loved ones?  Well, it's time -  high time, to take the time to catch up on the latest science about the consequence of cell phones.  I know it is hard to imagine.  They are so convenient, and the consequence seems so  invisible.  So, how could there be a problem?  Well there is a problem - a very BIG one.  Recently released is yet another scientifically validated study that confirms cell
Finally, the EPA is stepping up to the plate and testing chemicals suspected of being Endocrine Disruptors.  What is an Endocrine Disruptor???  They are chemicals that mimic the action of Estrogen. Why is this important? Many cancers and disease processes  are estrogen dependent and MANY of these chemicals are abundant in our environment today.  To put it in perspective, over 600,000 new chemicals/year are put into use.  However, they are not adequately tested for safety measures.  To read about this hot off the press issue, go to A few examples of Endocrine Disruptors are:   Pesticides Pesticides are toxic chemicals
That’s what I called it last night.  I was so nervous.  Heart pounding.  What would they think?  I was attending a class where the week before I was sitting under Compact Fluorescent Lights for 3 hours.  My body burned the whole time and I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  I went home with a brutal headache, and my bones and flesh felt like they were on fire.  I had to complete this course, but I didn’t know how to remedy this situation.   I had to tell the instructor that I couldn’t do the class in that building with
The Los Angeles Wildfires of Southern California have been blazing now for days, thus resulting in a dark blanket of smoke over an already pollution challenged region.   This results in not only increased toxins from the fires, but also trapping in and increasing the level of existing pollution, as well as  decreasing the amount of oxygen in the air.   Smoke absorbs oxygen. So the result – 1) more toxins 2) Less oxygen This may increase your level of feeling tired, stressed and toxic.  This is a CRUCIAL time to Get Nourished! Add: WATER!!! Drink at least TEN  8oz