Gut Restoration & Gentle Detox

Ever feel foggy, tired, achy, cranky, bloated and gassy?  Then to top it off your stubborn weight just won’t budge?  Most people can raise their hand to at least one of these and often times ALL of them.  They are surprised when I tell them that a lot of their annoying symptoms may be derived from their Gut – their “Leaky Gut” to be exact!

Leaky Gut has gained great awareness and supportive research in the last 10 years.  It is a serious condition if left untreated that can lead to chronic states of inflammation anywhere in the body and we now know that inflammation is the beginning of all disease states.

Leaky Gut is when your intestinal lining becomes porous.  This porous intestinal barrier allows increased passage of unwanted food fractions, bacteria and viruses across the intestinal barrier.  Thus ensues an unregulated immune system and inflammatory responses in your body.  This can result in your feeling foggy, tired, achy, cranky and of course bloated and gassy too.  Additionally, this chronic unregulated inflammation generated from a leaky gut can also make you resistant to weight loss.

What is hopeful about this condition is that it can be interrupted and healed. It just has to be done in a systematic way that removes the inflammatory triggers that are inflaming and compromising the intestinal lining and then applying specific foods and healing nutrients to help the intestinal lining heal and down regulate the immune system.  For this process to be successful you really need to be guided with a system and qualified support.

In a short amount of time you may notice profound changes such as decreased brain fog, less muscle/joint aches, greater energy, resolved gas and bloating, plus elevated and balanced moods.  To top it off, you will likely notice your pants getting bigger as weight begins dropping off you, without even trying.

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Gentle Detox

Did you know you are detoxing right now, this very second?  You don’t just have to go through a program to “detox”.  You are a complex detox machine.   Your skin, liver, kidneys, colon, gallbladder are all involved in the detox process.

Detox has become quite the buzz word these days.  It may mean one thing to one person and a completely different thing to another.  We come in contact with many chemicals every day through pesticides on food, exhaust, body care products, water, paints, shower curtains….the list could go on!  Even though you have diverse complex detoxification pathways in your body, these different pathways can get overrun and worn out, ensuing in compromised detoxification, leaving you “toxic”.  This may leave you feeling tired, foggy, achy, irritable, depressed and overweight.  When it comes to detoxifying, there are different levels and intensities involved in a detox.

There is a strategy with approaching a detox.   Depending on the “depth” and intensity of the detox, it is essential to heal and restore the integrity of the intestinal wall first.   Many people, especially if they are toxic, have a “Leaky Gut”.  This MUST be addressed first.  Why?  Because your colon is a major “route out” for the toxins that you will be eliminating on an effective detox.  You can learn more about healing the “Leaky Gut” by checking out my “Jump Start Your Stomach Health System”.

Healing the gut lining first can yield greater benefits when you DO pursue a Gentle Detox Done Right. Detoxing your body can yield profound shifts in health, however it doesn’t stand alone. In order for you to have a through-line of clearing up the toxins in your life the following areas all need to be addressed; Body, Home, Lifestyle.

What is so powerful about a Gentle Detox Done Right is that it CAN help your body rid itself of these toxins.  It just takes professional guidance and time.  To learn more and to see if “Gentle Detox” is right for you, please Schedule your “Complimentary Energy Breakthrough Session” now. ($295 Value)

May you be well & thrive!