Look What Happened As They Healed Their Guts…

Look What Happened As They Healed Their Guts…

I recently had the great pleasure of guiding a fantastic group of folks through my Gut Repair Program.  Each time I do this program with clients, the results and the changes in their lives always amaze me. Additionally, it makes me even more in awe of the great impact our gut health has on our ENTIRE health and life.

Addressing Inflammation in the Gut

You see, this program they went through, is all about addressing the inflammation and imbalance in the small intestine and digestive system.  This area is a core origin of inflammation in your body. When you address it, it can have far reaching effects especially on skin quality, energy, gas, bloating, memory, pain and weight.  Here are some excerpts of what different people experienced on a week to week basis. It’s pretty cool!  Check out how repairing the small intestine transformed how these people felt AND looked over this 6-Week period.  Take a peek below.

 Week 1

“Wow, my tummy is already flatter. In just one week? Kinda crazy.”

“ The red spots on my chin and forehead that I’ve had for the last 9 months have dramatically improved. It is quite substantial. Unbelievable. I’m bald so this has been really embarrassing, now I feel more confident. They are hardly noticeable.”

Week 2

“My gas and bloating is SO much better.  What a dramatic shift. I used to not be able to stand to be around myself my gas was so bad.”

“The gas and bloating have totally gone down to near zero.  Before I started this program it was awful!”

“I’ve lost weight in these first two weeks and I feel like I’m shrinking everyday. 

“In just the first two weeks, I’ve lost 7 lbs. so far. This is great. I finally feel well.”

“My brain fog has faded. I feel like I’m so much more clear already! It is mind blowing how quickly this has shifted.   I usually feel so foggy when I wake up but it clears as I wake up now!….I’ve never experienced this. It’s like somebody flipped a switch and all the colors got brighter.”

Week 3

“I’ve been up and out of the house. More alive late afternoon.  No more dragging around the house all day in my PJ’s because of fatigue and depression.”

” My energy is so much better. I used to want to sleep in the afternoon, but haven’t felt that in these last few weeks.  I feel more clear, more vibrant.”

“My muscle and joint pain is SO much better this week. no more pain in my hands which I’ve had for years. Pretty amazing actually.”

“My mood is so much better. I feel a steady equilibriumNo more ups and downs.”

Week 4

“My Cravings are GONE! – I’ve never NOT had cravings in my life. This is great. This program has almost eliminated all the cravings I had always had that controlled my life!”

“My bloating is completely gone – This feels wonderful, absolutely wonderful.  I feel slimmer and more lean. After I eat I don’t blow up and bloat out.”

“My Bloating is nearly gone. This is awesome. It was so bad when I started. This makes me really happy. I’m not as self conscious. Makes getting dressed less stressful. I just feel better in my body. I feel like I’m finally aligned and in my body.”

“My brain fog is unbelievably better. It used to be a real problem for me.   I feel like my day is easier, tasks are easier and I’m not as distracted. I’m able to think more critically.  I’m able to hear more from my heart and what is and isn’t good for me.  I can now make the clear decisions  I need to make in my life.  I am so much more present.  Thanks for bringing me back.”

“My rosacea is hardly noticeable.  And the blackheads I could never get rid of on my nose are gone!  I can’t believe it, now they’re gone! I’ve had acne for 19 years. This is the best my skin has ever been.”

See why I get so excited?  By repairing the small intestine, the effects are far reaching in the body by reducing overall inflammation. Thrills me to pieces to help people with their gut health that zeros in on the small intestine in this process; especially since it’s about getting to the source of the imbalance that is driving the symptoms of gas, bloating, brain fog, fatigue, muscle/joint pain and stubborn belly weight.  No fluffy bandaids or trendy detox stuff going on here. Just the solid brass tax of getting to the root cause.  The results speak for themselves.

Struggling with skin, gut, weight or pain issues? A scientifically based, clinically guided and personalized gut repair process could be your next step to reclaiming your vitality.

Contact us today at Get Nourished and schedule a consultation to learn more about a personalized process to help you repair your gut health. My team and I are ready and committed to help you achieve your optimal health.

May you be well and thrive!

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