“My belly bloating, fatigue and brain fog are gone.”

For years my head was so cloudy and heavy. My gut was so bloated and incapable of not feeling painfully bloated all the time. I was lethargic and crashing every day by 2pm. I could not focus and had little energy. If I exercised I felt exhausted afterwards. I knew something was terribly wrong. I was in a dark place and I had reached desperation. I was lucky to find Sarah. It was no quick-fix but changes did happen pretty fast. A new way of life. Longevity. I am now able to eat and not feel bloated and uncomfortable. I have consistent energy from morning till night. My head has never been lighter and felt so clear. My focus has returned. People I have not seen in awhile notice a positive, glowing change in me. I am more motivated. The fact that I am even writing this is a testament to a change in my behavior being more positive, optimistic and energized. This is only the beginning of a journey that I plan to take for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to see and feel what is to come next. Endless possibilities.

P.S. I’ve returned to the stage again. I got an agent and none of this would have been possible without Sarah and her spirit which brought me back to life.

– Jack E.

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