Meet Sarah


About Sarah Reilly, CNC

Sarah Reilly, Clinical Nutritionist & Burnout Recovery Specialist, is known as “the secret weapon” in many corporate, entrepreneurial and high performance circles.  She helps burnt out business leaders, world class athletes and those with complex conditions rebuild and reboot so they can finally get turned back ON in their body, business AND life again.  She gets to the root cause of what is driving you to feel fat, bloated, achy and tired, so you can finally feel energized, pain-free, lean and clear without fad diets, deprivation and daily struggle.

Sarah's career as Clinical Nutritionist evolved from her own healing journey with Lyme Disease and Autoimmunity. Disillusioned by the medical care she received while critically ill with severe, pain, fatigue and inflammation, she sought out to bio hack her own way to health, while working with global experts in the medical field.

She set out to learn the core origin of pain, fatigue, inflammation and develop sleuth like detective skills to decode a client's fatigue, pain, GI distress and stubborn weight, regardless of their complex condition. After 16 years of clinical practice, she developed a system that has helped hundreds of clients across the country get to the root cause, neutralize their symptoms and push back complex conditions such as diabetes, autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease and cancer, not to mention burnout.

Her system involves a highly customized approach to YOUR unique body so you can stop GUESSING and finally get RESULTS. She decodes the underlying stressors in your body that lead to the breakdown of health including your gastrointestinal system, nervous system, endocrine system, detoxification, nutrition and fitness.

She is honored and grateful to join her client's on their journey to reclaiming their health and vitality so they can fully embrace life.