Success Stories

Eileen M., Fairfax, Ca.

I am only HALF way through the True Vitality Program, and feel compelled to write this because I have experienced so many changes and my life has already changed in so many ways.

Sarah helped me understand what was going on with my body. The blood tests revealed so many health concerns. Finally knowing what was going on inside my body gave me the drive to go forward, because I trusted the science behind it all. My proof was in front of me in black and white and how she connected the dots of what was driving my symptoms of heart palpitations, feeling fat, achy, bloated, gassy, moody and tired ALL the time was amazing. By the time I decided to take the leap with Sarah, I was ready to do anything she told me to do. I started my journey in an airport and was headed to Florida to visit the in-laws for eleven days. Three days into my trip, my heart rate was back to normal, and the gas was almost gone. That’s when my husband really started to support what I was doing.

About a month into the process, I have so much energy, that I can't believe it. The "mean" Eileen always came out in the afternoon or after doing any activity for too long. On the way home from a day of zip lining, I expected to crash and be nasty. It never happened! I was “even” the whole day and into the night. My mood swings are almost gone! I am never hungry on my plan,

I am only ½ way through this program and I have lost twenty-two pounds! I have gone from a size 18 to a size 14.

As for Sarah, she is amazing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate Sarah's compassion and calming nature. She is very well educated and makes all the science behind it easy to understand. Her approach is grounded in science, and propelled by nurturing and compassion. The science has been around for a long time, and when used alone doesn't always work. The missing element to make this whole process work is Sarah. I would recommend her program to anyone.

Jenn M., Felton, Ca.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after experiencing severe chronic fatigue, muscle & joint pain, and a series of digestive issues. Medication was prescribed, however the symptoms got worse over time. My doctors ran extremely expensive and time consuming tests to find nothing. I had noticed over the years that my diet played a role, but I was not ready to accept any major dietary changes or restrictions.

Here I am, 13 years later with 2 young children, and my body finally gave out. I could barely get off the couch and my mood swings started to effect my family tremendously. I had created a beautiful life for myself and I could not enjoy any of it because I was exhausted and depressed. I felt close to death.

I made the decision to go through the Fresh Start Program with Sarah to see if making changes to my diet would help. Within 4 weeks, I regained 85% of my energy, my pain dissipated to almost nothing, and I could finally eat without feeling stomach pain and getting bloated. My moods became balanced and life began to be full of magic and wonder again.

The unexpected part was I received a new lesson in choosing, preparing and consuming food that completely took the stress out of grocery shopping and cooking. Working with Sarah has been nothing short of a miracle! I am so astonished by the quick and extensive results that I immediately signed up for her True Vitality Program. It is hard to imagine where my health can go from here, so I am extremely eager to find out! Thank you Sarah!

Arlene C., Martinez, Ca

Before working with Sarah, I lived with so much was like I was in a cloud. I have a rare autoimmune condition I had headaches and muscle/joint pain all the time. I just tuned out because I thought it was part of normal life. Now it’s gone and I can feel a dramatic difference. Now, I feel great, everyday. It’s amazing. I feel so different. As the inflammation melted away, I started to feel better. Maintaining this healthy lifestyle is no longer a challenge, and totally worth it because it keeps me feeling so good! So much has improved and it excites me; My mood and focus are so much better. I am loving my skin, it looks great. I have lost weight and fit into clothes I haven’t wore for years. My gastrointestinal health is SO much better. My creative side is coming more to life and I’m loving the calligraphy world which I gave up years ago due to pain and fatigue. I have learned how to control my inflammation through this process with you and have more control over how I feel each day and that is huge. Thank you Sarah!

Susan D., Alameda, Ca.

Sarah has helped me to find my life's joy and meaning. Now I'm living with zest and excitement. I was so sick when I started with Sarah. I've been on a life-long journey to find health and had made a lot of improvements to my diet and lifestyle, but I found myself feeling awful all the time, doing poorly at work, afraid to make a peep there because I felt worthless, and not able to eat many foods or take any supplements. I'd been to a very good physician who helped me tremendously with probiotics, amino acids, vitamins, etc. but I was not able to tolerate the supplements longer than a month so I had to discontinue that program. The thought of trying to find someone who could help me despite my sensitivities to so many foods and supplements felt overwhelming. I was really afraid to trust that anyone could help me because I'd been to so many doctors or other kinds of health providers who were ultimately not able to give me the help I needed. I did not want to waste more money on someone who was not able to understand my issues. Sarah was willing to take me on with a confidence that I didn't understand at the time. Due to her in-depth knowledge base and unique application of Nutrition and Functional Medicine, she's been able to help me tremendously!

I've now been working with Sarah for 6 months and my daily experience of life has really turned around in such a positive way. I'm doing very well at my job and expanding my area of influence. My husband and son are much happier with me and I'm able to be a better wife and mom. I'm happy and stable and can really see the effect of working with Sarah over time. I'm confident she has the resources to investigate areas that aren't understood in mainstream. She is a supportive and trustworthy clinician and she has given me a couple of “gems” that opened the way for me to move ahead with better understanding of myself. I love Sarah and all the delights that have come to me since my health has improved.

Micaela B., Mill Valley, CA

After only my second week of working with Sarah, my stomach felt so much better and I didn’t have stomachaches anymore. My shakiness and heart palpitations were gone. I am happier and have more energy when I wake up. I can’t believe it, I am shocked. I’m not bloated at night. I feel more confidant, more satisfied with myself. I am happy and have more energy.

My stomach now is flat! I put on my favorite pants that I usually have to squeeze into and they were big! I feel sooo good. I don’t even have ONE stomach issue anymore. I haven’t even had to take Tums since I started this program, when I used to take at least 6/week. I can't believe it. My family even said my whole face has changed because of the weight that has just dropped off through this program.

David B., RRT, RCPT
San Anselmo, CA

When I met Sarah Reilly, I was looking for a way to control my eating and drinking habits to bring down my weight from 215 pounds and to prevent my early onset of prediabetes and progressive cardiovascular disease doctors were warning me of. My professional association with her has brought me so much more. My background is that of a medical professional and I do understand the metabolic processes of the body. So does Sarah, but to a much more refined and advanced level with regard to nutrition and environmental impacts.

Sarah’s advice and direction combined with the real tools she provides to reach specific goals has had a dramatic and positive effect on my body and my life. In the first three months of working with her I dropped fifteen pounds. Within six months I weighed 184 pounds and reduced my waist line from forty three to thirty seven inches.

In the three years since, I have not fluctuated more than three or four pounds in either direction because the tools I received from her have kept me on tract. My cholesterol and other blood chemistries associated with progressive cardiovascular disease, which were dangerously high, have all returned within normal limits.

Sarah creates lifelong healthy living. She is an educated, committed and honest person. Her program is individually designed and implemented and an individual who is willing to learn and is committed to being optimally healthy will get profound results from her program, physically and emotionally.

This is a scientifically based and administered program that is truly holistic. I learned about organics, how to shop for the right foods, supplements, goal creation, meditation, stress management and exercise regulation. This is real world not some quick fix. It’s about changing your life through education and action to be optimally healthy, physically and spiritually. Utilizing the knowledge and tools that Sarah provided me has lead me to being the most healthy and HAPPY I have been in my life.

David S., Netherlands

Sarah is a truly outstanding nutritionist. She has helped me regain my vitality and achieve new levels in my business and personal life.

Before I started working with Sarah, I had assumed that nutritionists did something like making meal recommendations. With Sarah, this is just a small part of the picture. At the core of her practice she uses functional testing (simple saliva, urine, and blood tests) to look inside the body and see what is causing imbalances. These tests allow you to see everything from amino acids, hormones, organ function, nutrient deficiencies, and more. These tests can really help get behind issues like fatigue or weight-loss resistance, which can have many different sources.

Once the root issues have been identified, Sarah designs a program customized to your unique biochemical individuality. She practices in a truly holistic manner, looking at factors outside the diet, such as stress, living space, environmental toxins, and more.

Throughout this process, Sarah provides ongoing support and encouragement. I felt that I could trust her completely and speak to her about my most personal health concerns. I've worked with Sarah both at her clinic space at the Common Well, and also online while I've traveled out of the country. She is very kind and non-judgmental, but also knows when to give you the extra push you need or challenge you to make a change.

Working with Sarah, I've been able to break through lingering health issues that other practitioners had been unable to successfully address. I've had a record-breaking year in my personal life and my business. I'm sleeping better and have more energy than I had ten years ago. I truly feel transformed.

If you're ready for your best year ever, you should definitely work with Sarah. Whether you're looking for support with a difficult health issue or just want be as healthy as you can, I don't think you could find a better nutritionist.

Jeff C., Saratoga Ca.

I worked with Sarah Reilly this past year on some health issues that had me a bit perplexed for the prior 8 years. Bottom line: Sarah’s advice greatly accelerated my learning and healing in all ways, not just nutritionally.

When I began working with Sarah, she did the usual background work up and unlike others, she narrowed onto a question about a tick bite I had 8 years ago. So I went ahead and got a test for lyme and found that yep, I had lyme. It was the most likely suspect in my search to figure out what was causing my neurological symptoms that I had blamed ‘bad genes’ on. If I hadn’t found Sarah, I might never had been asked that question after a mountainous decade and a dozen different doctors, opthalmologists, neurologists, therapists and chiropractors; others had totally overlooked it or just not asked about it. I owe her so much just for this single discovery, but wait, there’s more!

Sarah helped to guide me through the “how to survive antibiotics” regimen from a nutrition stand point but more importantly, didn’t ignore the mind/body/spirit connection of this journey we all face – wherever I went, there I was, taking myself and my self doubt with me. She helped me learn how to be less hard on myself, to accept the progress I was making, to focus on the important things, narrow my list of doctors, and yes, how to nutritionally nourish mind, body and spirit to get through this past year. I’ve now come out the other side – I still have things to work on, but I have a tremendous source of information now to use in my tool kit to eat properly and live properly that Sarah provided me. Her loving/happy/kindness in every call, her compassion for others and detective like sleuthing skills, her probing questions ( “wait, Jeff, can you go back and tell me a bit more about what you just said”) drove me to my own discovery instead of just spoon feeding me the answers. It has nourished my soul as well as my body and mind.

Sarah Reilly is a professional in every way, and while nutrition was the original intent, I received so much more, I can’t say enough good things about her. And of course I highly recommend her. I wish you all well on your journey.