The ONE Simple Sign You are Brewing Inflammation & Dis-ease

I’ve spent a lot of time the past year and half in medical clinics where there are serious illnesses from cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s. What all of these conditions have in common is the single (ever increasing) issue of “inflammation”. In leiu of this, I have become even more obsessed with the ONE physical sign on (and in) your body that inflammation is brewing.

I have studied inflammation for years having had Lyme Disease. Harnessing inflammation was key to harnessing the disease and it was pivotal in my recovery. When I learned about my father’s cancer last year, again I dove head first into studying the realms of inflammation and how it is the propagator of cancer and how to turn it down naturally.

Interesting, as I have deepened my clinical knowledge and experience I have become even more fascinated with ONE visual indicator of YOUR body that is a HUGE CLUE to inflammatory problems going on behind the scenes in your body RIGHT NOW. What is it?

It’s the Belly! Belly Fat AND Bloated Bellies. Look around. Most people have it, even if it’s a little, it’s there. Look down. Do you have a pooch? Even a pooch is an indicator of Belly Fat and/or bloating. If you’ve been following my FACEBOOK FANPAGE you’ve already got a head start on understanding how inflammation in your small intestine can cause a whole host of health problems. The belly is the most attuned visual indicator there is a problem and inflammation is brewing in your body. Here are a few ways:

1. Belly Fat is loaded with inflammatory switches that are programmed to generate inflammation. This inflammation doesn’t just stay in the belly area – it goes EVERYWHERE!

2. Belly Fat also self perpetuates fat. Fat cells also programmed to make more fat, once they are turned on.

3. Belly Fat also has an origin of intestinal inflammation. This is another serious source of feed forward inflammatory messengers in your body. This is probably the most prevalent, yet most overlooked facet of internal inflammation.

4. A bloated belly typically goes along with belly fat. Bloated bellies are a passion of mine because I know how they lead to inflammation system wide in the body. That is why I created the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System.

5. On top of this, belly inflammation will make you feel fatigued eventually. Due to the inflammatory nature of belly fat, it requires a constant source of Cortisol (another fat storage hormone).

There are a variety of diet and lifestyle factors that generated belly fat and it’s associated fatigue.

So, in honor of helping you slash the silent inflammation brewing in your body, I have opened up 8 spots over the next 10 days to join me one-on-one in the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System.  I am offerring this for a steal of a deal, considering this program is dense with nutritional and educational content PLUS personal guidance by me PLUS the pharmaceutical grade supplements that help restore gut health. I WILL NOT be offering this program again in a one-on-one fashion at this price. Check out the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System Here.

Here’s to carving out the path of prevention!

Be well & thrive,

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