Where the Top Toxins Hide on Turkey Day

If you’ve ever worked with me you know I like to cut through the crud and clear the toxins in your everyday life so you can revitalize physically and energetically. From what I’ve gathered through my years, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for most people. It is one of the few days in our culture we actually allow ourselves to sit back, relax, eat, drink, commune and enjoy...and most of all reflect on what we are grateful for. In this country we have a lot of luxuries we don’t even realize. There is an unfortunate underlining though with mass availability of everything. Quality control on a certain level has taken a back seat. And one thing that has remained in the backseat is the disclosure by companies of chemical toxins in their products. So, on a day filled with feasting and gratitude I want to shine a little light where you can take it a notch higher and decrease your toxic exposure. It is really quite simple, it just requires a few lateral shifts. Here are the Where the Top Toxins Hide on Turkey Day.

Where the Top Toxins Hide on Turkey Day


These are typically lined with BPA which is an endocrine disruptor and is carcinogenic.  ie, Cranberry Sauce.  Instead try a recipe like this one by Elana that you can make super quick at home.


These are typically loaded with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). This is neurotoxic and the glutamate of this is in hydrolyzed, whey, soy, and textured proteins; sodium and calcium caseinate; yeast extract; and autolyzed yeast.  Instead use organic where the MSG is not used.


Conventional Butter, meaning it is not organic, is one of the highest sources of PCB's along with farmed salmon.  In fact, scientists use it to test environmental concentrations of PCB’s in different regions around the globe.  They literally look at the concentrations of butter in certain regions.  So, look to organic butter to avoid the high levels of PCB's.


These are typically injected with  hormones to make them  bigger AND there are pesticide burdens in the meat and fat from the conventional feed they have been eating. Instead choose a free range turkey or an organic turkey.  I like and trust Diestel Turkey.  Also, I do like the pre-made Turkey Dinner by Whole Foods.  Super handy in a pinch!


These typically contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.  This is not only linked to Type 2 Diabetes, but also utilizes corn that is genetically modified.  Instead choose organic.


These a popular additions to a Thanksgiving meal and if not organic are three of the highest exposures to pesticide residue.  Instead opt for organic.

Well, there you go. That was just a super quick way to carve out toxins on Turkey Day.   Even if you can’t remove them all  and make lateral shifts, just try a few.  Knowledge is truly power and you have to look out for yourself, because to be honest,  industry simple isn’t.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones!

May you be well and thrive!

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