Why Healing Your Gut is a MUST!

The last few weeks I have had the honor of working with the current participants in the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System. The results have been so impressive that it literally make me want to do a happy dance every time I am talking with one of the participants.

In just ONE week their bloating and gas has improved by 98%, energy is significantly improved, brain fog is waaaaay down, waists slimmer and one woman stated, “I feel like someone finally turned on the lights and all the colors got brighter.”  Clearly, her brain fog is decreasing.   After taking many people through this system, the results while amazing, are not unusual for the process of effectively healing the gut.  Why is this so important?  Healing your gut focuses on healing your Small Intestine.  Let me explain briefly why tending to this part of your body can have such profound improvements in your weight, energy, mood, pain, focus, and of course GI health.

 The Entry Point to Your Immune System

The Small Intestine is comprised of a barrier that ideally has tight junctions that controls what goes across it into your bloodstream and what cannot.  When there is damage to the barrier, it becomes permeable, also known as “Leaky Gut”.   This is when proteins can pass through into the bloodstream where your immune system recognizes them as foes not friends and launches an inflammatory immune response. This excites the immune system leading to increased symptoms of brain fog, headaches, aches, pains, bloating, gas, food sensitivities, weight gain and eventually chronic illnesses.


The Origin of Inflammation

The Small Intestine is like an "origin of inflammation" in your body. Why? Well, it has such an arsenal of protective mechanisms that it’s production of inflammatory cytokines are like loud speakers that can alert the rest of the body there is a problem and enemies are getting across the protective barrier.  Cytokines are  inflammatory messengers. And the cytokines in the small intestine have a strong connection with the cytokines in the brain. So, when your gut is inflamed you better believe those inflammatory cytokines in the gut are alerting the cytokines in the brain, also generating brain inflammation.  Not to mention, they are also triggering inflammation in other susceptible tissues.


Vulnerable Territory

The lining of your Small Intestine is vulnerable territory and it is exposed to everything that you are and it really takes a hit!  A number of things compromise the small intestine such as: chemical, stress, refined foods & sugars, food sensitivities, gluten, dairy, drugs, infections, heavy metals, fish consumption, antibiotics, acid blockers, anti-inflammatory drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, chlorinated drinking water and more. In fact, just one too many chemical exposures or stressful events and the levels of glutathione available to the small intestine is decreased thus comprising the integrity of it’s barrier system. Studies show it is the decrease in glutathione that actually initiates the loss of this vulnerable barrier system.


The Results of Healing Your Gut

As I mentioned earlier, healing the gut yields phenomenal improvements in health. From effortless weight loss (especially around the belly), decreased gas, bloating, aches and pain and a serious elevation in focus, mood and energy.  All from downregualting the inflammation in your small intestine that is no longer sending the message of inflammation to other parts of your body. Sounds like a win-win to me!

May you be well and thrive!

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